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April 13, 2007 [alliance] Global Environment

P2C @ zigumo party elections獄sacral levator覇Hazama Ryou conducting開闢] [Prophet 010 p2CSRPGAME Planning imbalance fu 04/10/22 Nikkei 43 trillion Gardens multiple [global warming impact of global船瀬俊介NGPO president OH! The opinion Jin vertebra / flooding problems, eye hand, the dugong Class few rounds Western counter jab if [we] leavers冴flame? The KOPIPE Corps, desiring grandchildren謀[] 30 trillion and $ x 42 (x 3) = [$] PPP confiscated moved 0.38 Kyung-fu tax environment ministry calculate back office "38 - (5) = 33," 2010, 10% to 30 years 30 annual minimum line in 30 trillion x "20 & 21st Century" = 66 trillion yen × 33 = 0.2 Kyung ↑ (fateful humanity: extermination of the human race) INBARANSU fu 1 / 2 insurance fund budget 0.1 Kyung yen World nominal GDP 0.5 Kyung real 1 / 2 ↑ 10 percent of 500 trillion yen tax x 2 effect long in performance詫府Controller W / SAMA - time transit tax ↓ negligence tax乗物fan Wind [rain] brake photovoltaic power-assisted bicycles conducting minicar FUDOMAIREJI Controller Aral Sea reconstruction "Chi - game 6%"
Wellhead Controller giant scale seawater desalination "Chi - file 16%"
Controller use of air conditioners ice V / P "Chi - Ma -26%"
Summer Day / Controller when anions "Chi - Mom 36%"
Jin summer day / time Subject of dye-sensitized solar thermal "Check 46%"
Extremely hot day / time help, the road winds fan power "Chipps 56%"
Germany ordinary business夏休Controller rooftop wall "Chiari -66%"
Primary treatment Controller same as on the left emergency measures "cheerful 76%"
Chemical same as on the left emergency police help, "a chance 86%"
Bio Controller Inspector same as on the left emergency "change 96%"
Arsenate - even Shima Ran Ai Controller Pacific - Gu & Ride "Champ 106%"
Entering the Metropolitan Controller LRT Ranjit "Chest 166%"
A weaker yen export Controller emergency disaster prevention prosecution "CHONGA 266%"
The yen import Controller urgent environmental inspection "CHANGUMU 366%"
Subject of animal weight BAIOMASUENAJI "Cha - The 466%"
+ Human body heavy duty industrial waste VLCN Controller / PLIN "Cha - even 566%"
Subject of exhaust air cleaning IORIMU "Cha - Ta 666%"
Subject of dividing gas humidification (waterfall fountain), "Cha - game 766 percent"
NOX Controller yellow desert greening measures "China 866%"
Noise pollution Controller soundproof sound insulation measures "Challenge 966%"
Drainage of sewage irrigation canals Controller (Arabian Peninsula) "CHEISA -1006%"
Removal of low-emission vehicles (automobiles) help, "checkmating 1,666 percent"
Subordinate (road) Subject of ground co-rock groove road "chip 2,666 percent"
Payment (乗物weight) Controller DMV underground railroad "CHANPURU 3,666 percent"
Per (tobacco) Controller dish washing machines and other energy-saving "Chandra -4666%"
? (Liquor tax penalty) Controller Kaminaka sewage improvement "Chuck Wilson 5,666 percent"
Collusion exploitation of tax evasion, embezzlement pocket Controller Siberian road penitentiary 200 Shinobu Yorozu "CHUPPA 6,666 percent"
Crime parent committee insurance Controller German energy - Recovery Act "chaps 7,666 percent"
The war party insurance clerk land prices Controller triage fu緊救hospital medical clinic to "Chorizo 8,666 percent"
Drug Controller health insurance SQ disaster prevention SAPURIDORINKU food ration chamber million store "CHEKI 9,666 percent"
Environmental chamber insurance companies (age) Controller OB medieval officers "堺屋Hitoshi Taiti" "Chamberlain 10,666%"
Earthquake insurance department jobs Controller system seismic earthquake-resistant fire emergency shelter construction, "CHUIN 11,666%"
Life insurance Party Committee / national pension Controller BESHIKKUINKAMU month 80,000, "a mixture of 12,666%"
Unemployment dwelling fire insurance group clerk / tax help, residents erect makeshift six million households mining / year "CHARINKO 13,666%"
Freeters academic classroom insurance / social insurance ID Controller Revolution "Child 14,666%"
PURITA residents association insurance / consumption tax receipts RISAJITTO help, "char siu 15,666%"
Futa dungeon public welfare insurance / Rye Hula single digit high Controller mercy convince full satisfaction death assistance "biryani 16,666%"
NEET, 7 / 14 (Sat), waste heat added tax and tax help, the fever summer fan distribution / exterior insulation, say Chers17666%.
HIKKI http://yamada-shuzo.blog.drecom.jp/archive/39
Global warming crowd Roh miscellaneous thoughts Global Environmental Research Center Al Gore NEWS
Animal weight tax help, bio-MS (PL) energy 92 (Man) 08 FUDOMAIREJI Controller Aral Sea reconstruction natural Energy OLL night electrification Controller 200 Shinobu Yorozu free 93 (10) 07 Natural Energy nighttime discount ⇒ 10億忍半額騒音公害税soundproof Controller sound insulation measures shelter 94 (100) 06 NOX tax help, yellow desert greening measures SAMA W - Time Natural Energy 2% 95 (thousand) 05 weaker yen export tax help, emergency disaster prevention prosecution summer day / time tax help, negative ion fountain Bill Falls 96 (billion) 04 Germany夏休ordinary business tax help, wall greening rooftop photovoltaic power-assisted bicycles conducting minicar 97 (10) 03 extremely hot day / time tax help, the road winds fan humidifier blind force removal of the air conditioner distribution tax 60 trillion Controller ice utilize V / P 98 (¥ ) 02 input Metropolitan tax help, LRT Ranjit乗物fan Wind [rain] brake minicar bicycle 99 (thousand) 01 wellhead tax Controller巨代super-scale seawater desalination Jin summer day / time tax Controller (dye-sensitized) solar power authentic 00 (trillion ) 00 arsenate - even Shima Ran Ai tax help, Pa - Gu & Ride

February 25, 2007 [I] The super series solution proposed flat volumes

60 years Kondratieff ReSurrection Yuan-fu, 4 / 26? , Lisa - Chi Bureau
40 years Keniti Takemura R foreign ministry news NTARU palace R - R GYURE ABURU Department - Office Solutions
30 years Saturn impatience R Du Yuan - in the current Cabinet Office and Ministry of R R TERASHI Office
20 years Kuznets Housing Institute pair palace R R Bye Bar Ministry
10 years JUGURA -設投Yuan Yu R - R Va Su-fu - in the Ministry
Four years kitchen cyclical semiconductor cycle fu Institute R R R current session Department of Administration
Specht, R-fu, the ministry requested Goh R - R FUREKUSOROJI Le Office - Bureau
Fu PPP waste tax environment ministry保険庁0.26 Kyung $ Pex kingdom × 111 = 30 Kyung $ aplantes@archer.livedoor.com 626 trillion $ chaebol × 222262 trillion Foundation × 333100 trillion Yuan (444) 30-trillion-fu (555) 10 trillion Department (666) 3 trillion Bureau Office (777) 1 trillion (888)

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Label: World peace linked to global environmental disaster prevention

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